Directors Statement

I enjoy painting, sculpting, working on film, but one particular experience put everything in its place: Jan Svankmaer’s, “Alice in Wonderland’’. It opened my eyes to this unique world of expression. Since then animation is a way of life for me, the way I see, the way we are and the way we will be. The medium gives me the freedom I need to fully express myself. No other form is so pure, accurate, and powerful at the same time. As an artist I thrive from it, every minute is important, every second tells a story: of a life, of a nation, of the world!
By using the most primitive and most intuitive artistic representation: black line on white surface I aim at conveying the innermost thoughts about our potentiality of becoming humans at last.


Animated by : Vuk Mitevski
Produced by : Labina and Teona Mitevski
Music and sound design by : Olivier Samoullian, Pierre Bats and Thomas Koenig for PUBLICMUSIC.EU
Mixed by : Eric Volpatti
Voices by : Iljir Selimovski and Jean Marie Galey


Vuk Mitevski graduated from Bennington College, USA, specializing in sculpture, painting and set design. He lived in New York where he had his first solo exhibition of monumental paintings named: SAINTS. He returned to Macedonia to work as set designer on HOW I KILLED A SAINT and I AM FROM TITOV VELES by Teona Strugar Mitevska. In 2005 he was awarded the Macedonian nomination at the Biennale of the Young artists from Europe and Mediterranean. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples has since acquired a painting of Vuk to be included in their collection. Animation films are his latest challenge and he is currently preparing a feature-length clay-animation film ALERIK. Currently Vuk is preparing a painting exhibition for the Macedonian National Gallery for November 2008.