God exists, her Name is Petrunija


is 31 old historian unemployed and lives with her mother and father. She refuses to accept the traditional role her society imposes on her. She is persistent and determined to arrive to the end of her idea, no matter the circumstances.


her mother is very traditional in her views and believes; yet she is broken between her motherly need to understand and protect her daughter and the traditional values that have been so deeply installed in her society and her mental construction.


the journalist is a fighter just as Petrunija is, she is brave and uncompromising in her conquest for justice and truth.


although not very present the biggest silent supporter of his daughter.


the chief policeman is a true diplomat, he constantly tries to satisfy the interest of all the parties involved without pressing too much importance to the actual truth.


is simply a toy in the hands of the more powerful; he is ready to lie in order to satisfy the accepted idea of the establishment.

who steals the cross is a young man who cannot see beyond his interest as a man.


the young policeman is the love possibility of Petrunija, he is gentle and concerned but powerless regarding the final outcome of the matter.


is Petrunija’s best friend, although an example of the younger generation is unable to think outside the strict rules of her society, when put in a corner she very fast defends the morals that diminish her self as a woman in her own world.